Reliable personnel placement for your immediate needs

Amika offers personnel placement services for various all private and public healthcare institutions

Whether for ad hoc or long-term permanent staffing needs, our pool of qualified and experienced 150 Personal Care Attendants (PAB) is at your disposal

  • Intermediate Resources

  • Seniors residences

  • CLSC

  • Hospitals


  • Religious communities

Personal Care Attendants you can trust

We thoroughly screen and select all healthcare workers who want to join our team.

Qualifications of Amika’s Personal Care Attendants
  1. DEP in Institutional (750 hours) or Homecare assistance (975 hours)
  2. CPR​
  3. MSCP
  4. Act 90 (for certain Caregivers)
 Portrait of a smiling caregiver

Added value of Amika as a personnel placement agency[page.lang].services.innovation.realtimeIcon
Quick response time, 24/7[page.lang].services.innovation.feedbackIcon
Rigorous control and monitoring of our staff presence (geolocalisation)[page.lang].services.innovation.transparencyIcon
Reliable and qualified Caregivers[page.lang].services.innovation.transparencyIcon
Flexible – no long-term requirement required

Let’s discuss your needs

Our team will evaluate how Amika can quickly fill your replacement staff requirements so you can offer a continuous quality of service to your customers.

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