Assistance with dressing

Our dressing assistance service is here to offer valuable support to individuals who have difficulty dressing and/or undressing whether due to chronic disability, injury, or reduced mobility. We understand the importance of maintaining bodily autonomy and dignity in our patient’s daily living activities. Our Caregivers are equally well versed in providing functional and emotional support.

When assistance with dressing or undressing is requested, our Caregivers step in, well versed in effective, low-impact support, while also ready to provide physical assistance as needed. Whether fully dressing, fastening buttons, tying shoelaces, putting on shoes, or pulling up compression stockings, our client's autonomy is paramount during every step of the process.

A dressing assistance session usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. This service is often part of a more comprehensive home care package, including services such as assistance with getting up and going to bed, assistance with personal hygiene, support with exercise and staying active, as well as other household tasks like meal assistance and light housekeeping.

Our rates vary depending on the duration of the visit and the geographical area. Whether you need our services for an hour or entire days, our team of Caregivers is there to support you.

Financial assistance is available for all our services. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our rates and financial aid options.


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