Meal assistance

Proper nutrition and hydration are essential elements to maintain independence and mitigate the effects of aging. At Amika, our meal assistance service is designed to provide professional and dynamic support, whether when preparing meals or assisting individuals with eating.

Our Caregivers are trained to prepare simple meals with fresh on-site ingredients or to reheat make-ahead dishes. They ensure that meals are tailored to individual's dietary recommendations and preferences. Meal preparation can even become a collaborative activity, promoting the independence of the senior receiving aid. For example, while the Caregiver takes care of cooking, the individual can participate in ancillary tasks, such as cutting vegetables and tracking the steps of the recipe.

Our Caregivers are also ready to provide physical assistance during meals, whether it be cutting food into chewable pieces, portion distribution, or help with drinking. They also encourage the individual to eat and drink properly by accompanying them to the table and creating a calm, supportive environment conducive to an enjoyable dining experience.

In addition to these primary services, we offer related tasks such as food rotation, maintenance of a grocery list, and weekly meal prepping. Meal assistance can be scheduled for a 60-minute session where our Caregiver reheats a meal and supervises eating, all the way up to four hours if preparing and packaging multiple meals for the week. This service is generally part of a more comprehensive home care package, including medication reminders, light housekeeping, transportation, and accompaniment during shopping. It can also be integrated into our daily assistance services, which include assistance for getting in and out of bed, personal hygiene, dressing, exercise assistance and physical activity.

Our rates vary depending on the duration of the visit and the geographical area. Whether you need our services for an hour or entire days, our team of Caregivers is there to support you.

Financial assistance is available for all our services. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our rates and financial aid options.


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